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  • Hockey Centric
  • Off Ice Training
  • Ages 9 and up

Crossice Training is passionate about developing hockey players in an off ice setting.

Training Sessions & Information

Choose from several different training options that are designed to fit your schedule*

* Class are strictly limited athletes ages 9 and up


Yearly Commitment Plan

CIT Yearly Commitment Plan

A yearly training regime opportunity for those looking for a set commitment

Multiple Time Slots to work with school and sport schedules

3 Days a Week

75 Minute Sessions


Spring Session: April 1st- May 23rd 

3 Day Option– Monday/Tuesday/Thursday’s (8 Weeks)

16 Athlete Cap/Time Slot

Session 1- 5-6:15pm   2 spots left

    *4:45-6pm on Tuesday’s

Session 2- 6:15pm- 7:30pm Currently Full

    * 5:55pm-7:10pm on Tuesday’s


*Adjusted start times on Tuesday’s only are to allow athletes to make their respective skills ice slot. 



 “Interested” Cost: $440 “Committed” Cost: $350.00



Spring Session: April 1st- May 23rd 

1 Day Option– Tuesday (8 Weeks)

16 Athlete Cap/Time Slot

Cost: $150

Session 1- 4:45-6pm 2 spots left

Session 3- 7:25pm- 8:40pm   Available 


Summer Primer: June 3rd-June 28th Monday/Tuesday/Thursday’s (4 Weeks)

12 Athlete Cap/Time Slot

Session 1- 5-6:15pm   Available

Session 2- 6:15pm- 7:30pm  Available

“Interested” Cost: $280     “Committed“ Cost: $200.00 


*The Primer is set up for people who are new, looking to see what CIT entails and is like before making the longer commitment and/or those who don’t play another sport. This is a great way to keep busy in a positive manner. We understand a lot of kids play other sports, but also don’t want to neglect those who only play hockey and the primer addresses that void. 


Summer Session: July 8th-August 23rd Monday/Tuesday/Thursday’s (8 Weeks)

12 Athlete Cap/Time Slot

Session 1- 10am-11:15am Available

Session 2- 11:15am-12:30pm 3 spots left

Session 3- 5pm-6:15pm   3 spots left
Session 4- 6:15pm- 7:30pm   1 spot left

Session 5- 7:30pm- 8:45pm   Available


“Interested” Cost: $440 “Committed” Cost: $350.00


Fall Session: September 17th-January 30th (17.5 Working Weeks)

-45 Minute Sessions
-18 Athlete Cap/Time
-Options before/after practices
-5 Time Slots (TBD)

“Interested” Cost: $440      “Committed” Cost: $350.00


How Do I Obtain “Committed” Pricing?

Athletes making a year commitment to their training regime will have access to the committed pricing for all sessions/primers. To display your commitment, you agree on showing up and putting in the daily work during ALL sessions. 

             *Spring & Summer sessions must be PIF by end of Spring session to demonstrate commitment. “Primer” participation is not required to maintain commitment pricing for Fall Session. 


**To reserve your spot or if you have further information/questions, please contact Coach Brooke Meyer at

Personal Training/Sports Teams

Interested in personalized training, small group programming, or team training?
Indvidual: 1 Hour Sessions, Sport and/or Need Specific, Beginner to Elite, Flexibility, Ages 11+
 Individual Pricing: $90.00/session
Group (2-5 people): 1 Hour Sessions, Likewise Sport/Age, Beginner to Elite, Ages 9+
Group Pricing: $140.00/session
Sports Teams (8-16 people): 75 Minute Sessions, Ages 9+,
Experience in Hockey, Softball, Baseball, Racecar, Volleyball, Track/Field, Golf, Soccer, & Swim teams
Options to do 2, 3, or 4 times/week on a monthly schedule.
Please email Coach Brooke at for further information on available times/cost.